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Day in, day out we spoil hundreds of people from all over the world at our hotels. For these people it is a matter of everyday routine to travel around the world with complete peace of mind. Therefore our guests, like many other people, take it for granted that they will sleep in a comfortable, well-tended room, will eat high-quality food and that they will be able to arrange private and business appointments all over the world without having to give the matter a second thought. In the last few decades, globalisation has thus made us take for granted wealth, luxury and, it must unfortunately also be said, the tendency to be wasteful. And not only in the tourist industry either.

In this age of affluence we see it as our duty to keep in mind another part of this world, which often consists of poverty, privation and loneliness. We should like to make this our responsibility and as the stronger partner help the weaker. We see it as our task to recover the balance for the least in our society and undertake this task with passion in the long-term. For this reason we support SOS Children's Villages in Germany.

We are convinced that the world would be a slightly better place, if we faced up to our responsibilities by getting involved in this society and passing some of our wealth to its unprotected members who are victims of their circumstances - our children! We support the transparent work of the SOS Children's Villages (SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.) with a monthly donation and are pleased that our contribution helps to give children in Germany better prospects for their future.

If you would also like to help make the world once more a place slightly more worth living in for children in need, please feel free to find out about the many ways in which you can support the SOS Children's Villages.

You will find all the information at www.sos-kinderdorf.de.

Let's make a difference!

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OS Children's Villages
©Marion Vogel – SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.
©Marion Vogel – SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.
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