2 bee colonies now guests of the Leoso Hotel

Since early 2018, 2 young bee colonies and their respective queen have been living on the premises of the Leoso hotel. As a management initiative, two queen bees from the year 2017 and their colonies of approximately 5,000 bees each have been relocated to our hotel in order to strengthen the endangered bee population and support the preservation of wild plants and cultivated plants in Leverkusen.

A colony consists of the queen bee who ensures their survival by laying eggs, the worker bees who, flying at a speed of 20 km/h, collect nectar, pollen and water within a distance of up to 3 km (meadow flowers and trees like limes are available in abundance along the Dhünn river in direction of the BayArena), and lastly the drones who mate with the queen thus ensuring the survival of the colony.

The delicious honey is produced in several stages. First, the worker bees collect nectar from blossoming plants and bring it back to the beehive where the so-called hive bees take over. The sap is passed on from bee to bee several times and enriched with different substances in the process until it is finally concentrated and stored in the comb. After the extraction our delicious honey is filled into glasses and served to our guests.

Currently, the Leoso Hotel Leverkusen has two beehives: one with a colony of ca. 50.000 - 60.000 bees (life expectancy of ca. 4-5 weeks) and a queen. The other consists of ca. 10.000 bees and a second queen. In 4 - 5 weeks a bee collects up to 3 g of honey.

Our hotel is proud of its industrious housemates!

And that is just the beginning: next spring yet another colony will join our little bee paradise!

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