Terrace Hall

The unique trademark of this hall is its exceedingly artistic and fashionable terraced layout. With a careful selection of various layers of seating, the hall can be utilised for a diverse range of events: the “Leverkusener Jazztage” take place here, as do large congresses and general assemblies, as well as exquisite dance performances at gala events with large-scale banquet style seating, not forgetting company and business association presentations – that is, when it’s not being used by carnival associations during the carnival period (from the start of January to the end of February every year). In addition, the terraced hall is one of the most spacious and convivial theatre lobbies in Germany, boasting a floor space measuring 1549 m2.


1220 people in rows

1168 people in banquet seating without a dance floor

900 people in banquet seating with a dance floor

585 people in parliamentary seating arrangement

2070 people in standing arrangement at concerts (e.g. Leverkusener Jazztage)


Floor space:

1200 m2 gross surface area

256 m2 net surface area


Width: 14m front stage, 11m rear stage (trapezoid shape)
Depth: 5m


Lighting technology: Strand Lighting MX 48, 2 followspots, various fixed spotlights for stage and dance floor lighting, 2 scanners, disco ball

Sound engineering: Mixing console with 32 channels, fixed Meyer sound systems, Microport system, monitor boxes, live sound reinforcement system for reproduction of music and speech.

Terrace Hall: 1,200 m²
  Seating possibilities  
Cinema 1120 seats
Parliamentary 585 seats
Banquet 1168 seats


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