Agam Hall

The Agam hall, based on the outline of an equal-sided hexagon and decorated with moving slats designed by the artist Yaacov Agam, is just as versatile in its possible uses as it is in its possible seating layouts. The variable stages and the parquet floor can certainly be used for cultural events and celebrations, as well.


190 people in parliamentary seating arrangement

350 people in rows

250 people in banquet seating without dance floor

228 people in banquet seating with dance floor


Variable platform stages (standard 10 x 4 m) / fixed projection screen 8 x 4 m

Room can be fully darkened; storable, mobile light-control console (Maxime)

Permanent Meyer sound system; Yamaha mixing console with 16 channels

Floor space:

309 m2 gross surface area


The Little Foyer

The Little Foyer can be rented as an extension for events in the Agam Hall and/or the Auditorium. The space can be used for exhibitions, exchanges, coffee breaks etc.

Agam-Saal – 309 qm
Agam Hall
  Seating possibilities  
Cinema 350 seats
Parliamentary 190 seats
U-Shape 50 seats
Banquet 228 seats


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